Effra sensor installed at Vauxhall

Today we installed the new sensor in the Thames at Vauxhall ready for Floodtide on the Effra.  The underground river Effra joins the Thames from a storm drain near Vauxhall Bridge, and this 'acoustic doppler transmitter' is submerged in water nearby.  The sensor will read the speed of water flow, as well as other information, and this is what generates and affects the music that the performers on Sunday will be playing.  


John Eacott, composer of Floodtide, has written computer software that generates musical notation dependent on what information is received by the sensor. A set of rules determines the music that audiences will hear.  

On Sunday, samba drummers, singers, wind and brass players, and beatboxers will all play notation generated live by the flow of water. As they play along the route of the Effra they will connect us with the river as it merges with the Thames.  For performance details please click here.  A huge thanks to oceanography suppliers Nortek for their support.


posted at 17 May 17:37

Thanks to London Fire Brigade for providing access to their barge to install the sensor. Looking forward to hearing how it all sounds..

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